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TUMI™ Luggage Repair During COVID-19 Crisis

Date: May 20, 2020

MEC Uniform Committee

The COVID-19 crisis has affected our industry in many ways, including the opportunity to have any needed repairs to your TUMI™ luggage. TUMI stores around the nation are beginning to reopen. Stores that provide repairs can be found on following official Tumi Store list. If the repair store near you is currently closed you have the option to use the online repair form and ship your repair to a Local TUMI authorized repair site.

Every company issued Tumi luggage piece comes with a five-year warranty. The warranty covers zippers, wheels and handles. However, any changes to your luggage made by anyone other than TUMI® voids the original TUMI® warranty and will not be eligible for repair.

Note: if you have swapped bags with another Flight Attendant and the bag was registered by the previous owner, you will need to re-register your new bag with your information.

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