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E-Lines: May 26, 2020

Date: May 26, 2020

July COLA Opportunities Submission Deadline June 2, 
MEC Benefits Committee

Special COLAs will be available starting the first day of the July schedule month as follows:


July 2020 One Month Special COLA

July – One Month

July 2020 Two Month Special COLA

July – August – Two Month

July 2020 Three Month Special COLA

July - September – Three Month


Timeline for submitting bids and publication of Awards:


Bids Close

Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 8:00 AM Central Time


All Flight Attendants including those currently on a Special COLA

Awards Posted

Before July Bids Open and Prior to any Job Share Announcements

Flight Attendants interested in these Special COLAs should submit their request via CCS under the "Leaves" drop down menu. Select - Special COLA.

Additional information can be found on 

Health and Welfare Payment Obligation while on COLA

MEC Benefits Committee

Flight Attendants on Special COLA are eligible to maintain their health and welfare coverages through United at the active employee contribution rate for the duration of the Special COLA. 
While on any the Special COLA period beginning 5/1/2020 or later, when payroll deductions are no longer made for these coverages, premiums will accumulate for up to 2 months and an amount of $500.00. Once the accumulation reaches $500.00 and no deductions can be taken for 2 months, the premium balance will be sent for direct billing by the United Airlines Benefits Center (i.e., when the Flight Attendant does not earn pay or sufficient pay or where deductions cannot be made from a $0.00 paycheck, payroll will accumulate a past due balance up to $500.00 and at least 2 months of premiums). 

If the Flight Attendant still does not receive a paycheck or sufficient pay for benefits deductions, the past due balance and future benefit premiums will move to the UABC for direct billing until the employee begins receiving a paycheck. If the Flight Attendant returns to work prior to reaching $500.00 and at least 2 months of missed deductions, the accumulated deductions will be applied to the first paycheck which could result in a zero-dollar paycheck.  

Flight Attendants who signed up for the new voluntary benefits (Long Term Care, Auto/Home, Identity Theft, and Pet Insurance), will be directly billed after missing 3 paychecks and will receive communications on how to pay for their benefits directly. 

Additional information is available on Flying Together.  

Doctor on Demand Visits – a United Health Care Benefit
MEC Benefits Committee - image: Doctor on Demand

Employees and dependents currently enrolled in a PPO, HDHP, or EPO medical plan through United benefits have access to one of United’s telemedicine partners, 

Doctor on Demand, a telemedicine partner offered through United benefits, recently launched a free two-minute assessment, based on CDC guidelines to assist Flight Attendants in determining their risk of coronavirus based on your current symptoms. 

This assessment is available to all employees and families, regardless of your medical plan. You can take the assessment online. Once the assessment is complete, you will be provided personalized prevention recommendations. Then you can virtually connect with a doctor through Doctor on Demand. This eliminates the need to visit a doctor’s office, Urgent Care facility, or ER, reducing your exposure to others.

Doctor on Demandvisits cover non-emergency medical issues such as colds, flu, and sports

injuries, plus access to behavioral healthcare. The visits are generally treated the same as any other in-person doctor’s visits and are usually covered by your medical plan. Most of United’s medical plans treat Doctor on Demandvisits as in-network, costing you the same as your copay, however it is best to check with your medical plan for your personal coverage details.   For additional information regarding Doctor on Demand, visit doctorondemand.com/unitedairlines or call 800-997-6196.

“Virtual” Meeting of the United Master Executive Council by Zoom™ - May 29, 2020


There will be a virtual meeting of the United Master Executive Council May 29, 2020, 8am – 12Noon (CT). Due to the unforeseen effects of the COVID-19 pandemic impacting our ability to congregate in a central place, the system-wide shelter in place orders, and limited travel options, a MEC meeting will be conducted virtually, utilizing Zoom™.


By action of the United Master Executive Council, participation at the meeting will include the Members of the United Master Executive Council, elected Local Council Officers, including Council Representatives and all MEC Committee Members and AFA Staff Attorneys.

Advance Agenda items have been posted in the MEC Meetings section of www.unitedafa.org

AFA-CWA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting was Held on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Last week the Annual Board of Directors Meeting (BOD) was conducted via a virtual meeting due to the continuing restraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. This Board of Directors Meeting was held to review Agenda Item #1 – the only Agenda Item, the proposed 2020 – 2021 budget, for the meeting.  After thoughtful debate and consideration, the AFA Board of Directors acted to approve the proposed budget.


Our AFA Board of Directors represents 50,000 Members at 20 Airlines and is the highest governing body of our Union. These airlines include a cross section of the industry including mainline, regional, low cost, charter, international and niche Carriers. AFA primary goal, other than representation, is to increase bargaining power at our airlines and to increase our professional standing with regulatory agencies around the globe. It allows for the voices of all our Members to be represented through their directly elected Local Council Presidents.

AFA Board of Director Delegates:


Local Executive Council Presidents

Each Local Executive Council (LEC) President represents Members in a specific domicile or domiciles at a particular airline.  The LEC Presidents are directly elected by our Members and are the only delegates who can cast votes at the Board of Directors Meeting


Master Executive Council Officers

The Master Executive Council (MEC) Officers are ex-officio Members of the Board; while active participants in the Board Meeting and seated on the floor of the Meeting with the elected representatives they may speak on issues being discussed and debated.  MEC Officers do not vote unless they are also an elected Local Council President.  


International Officers

The International Officers are also ex-officio Members of the Board. The International President chairs the meeting and ensures that the meeting runs according to the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws and the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedures.  International Officers are not voting members of the Board.


The Board establishes the priorities of our entire Union; that is all AFA carriers.  This includes appointing members to serve on standing committees of the Board which oversee our finances, negotiations policy, political and legislative policy, leadership development, international affairs, strategic planning and crew accommodations and transportation policy.  

The Board is the only body that can act to amend our Constitution and Bylaws. The Board considers suggested changes to our policies in order to address any concerns raised by the Members and to update our practices to reflect current industry and technological advances. Changing the language of our Constitution requires a 2/3 majority vote. Whereas, changing the language of the Union’s Policy Manual requires a simple majority vote.  


This interactive overview provides a full perspective of an AFA Board of Directors Meeting. 

Face Mask Compliance Conflicts - Professional Standards is Here to Help

MEC EAP – Professional Standards  

Last week, the requirement to wearing a face mask or covering while on duty, either onboard the aircraft or in terminal buildings became one of a Flight Attendant’s safety-related duty items and is required in accordance with United’s Policy and Procedure manual. The following instances identifies when a face covering/mask must be worn and any exceptions to the requirement.

Flight Attendants who encounter an instance where a Crew Member may give the appearance of being non mask compliant, we encourage that you speak to the individual in a calm, non-threatening manner out of the view of passengers. 


It is best to try to find a resolution by discussing what you’ve seen to get a better understanding of what was taking place at the time. That explanation may offer an acceptable solution. If, however, a discussion does not seem to be productive, we recommend that you call your AFA EAP/Professional Standards Committee to discuss the matter directly with a representative. We do not recommend reporting a flying partner to management.  Our AFA EAP peer professionals are trained Professional Standards volunteers who possess unique skill sets who are trained to work out issues and avoid “writing up” flying partners.  As we’ve told you previously, no matter how well intended, involving management rarely works out as you might expect it to and, without meaning to, both parties could potentially become subject to disciplinary action. After listening to your concerns, EAP representatives will follow up on the situation and pursue the appropriate action necessary. 

These are difficult times for all of us. We need to make a commitment to ourselves and each other to not only keep each other safe but to also look out for one another.  We are family and no one does a better job of taking care of Flight Attendants than Flight Attendants. If you would like AFA EAP Support around COVID-19 related issues, please reach out to your Local Council AFA EAP Committee members. Their contact information is available 

AFA Pride Pins 

During the past several years, in anticipation of Pride month, AFA has distributed AFA Pride Pinsacross the system, as we come together to show support for our LGBTQIA Members and to demonstrate our solidarity as a professional work group during the month of June.  AFA is a strong voice against discrimination and we vehemently support the rights of not only our LGBTQIA Members but the entire LGBTQIA Community offering support to those who are less able to stand on their own. 

Discrimination of any kind undermines the strength of our community. We celebrate the diversity of our Union and working to protect and advance Flight Attendants’ rights is the way forward – it’s our future! 
All Flight Attendants are encouraged to show support for our LGBTQIA Members and to demonstrate our solidarity by proudly displaying the AFA Pride Pin during the month of June. Flight Attendants in need of an AFA PRIDE Pinare encouraged to contact their Local Council office to acquire a replacement pin. 

Additional Temperature Screening Locations and Hours of Operation  

On May 22, 2020 the company updated current temperature screening locations to include GUM and SFO. The new schedule reflecting the location and hours of operation for all current temperature check points can be found on our COVID-19 resource page on unitedafa.org. 

Additional information regarding temperature screening can be found in the April 24, 2020 edition of E-Lines. 

Vacation Fly Through Election for July Bid Month due by June 5th, 2020

Elections to indicate your desire for an Advance Vacation Fly Through for the month of July are available until 10:00AM HDT, Friday, June 5th, 2020.   Additional details available on unitedafa.org.

Final Reminder - Reserve Restoration Requests Deadline May 28th 

The window for Reserves to request restoration of days to their June schedule is open now through May 28, 2020, 2359 (HDT). 

To request restoration of your days of availability, go to Help Hub on FT or helphub.ual.com and search Restoration to locate the Reserve Restoration form. Restored days will also come with a corresponding increase to the minimum guarantee, up to a maximum of 78:00.  Restoration requests are being processed as soon as possible and in the order requests are received in Help Hub. 

Last Chance to Register for Free College Summer Classes  - Begin June 1, 2020 

Union Plus

If you’re looking to continue your education during these uncertain times, Union Plus is here to help. With Union Plus Free College, brought to you in partnership with AFSCME, you can work toward an associate degree or certificate completely online, for free. 

If you’re unemployed, furloughed or laid off, don’t worry — you and your extended family members are still eligible to enroll in Free College. We’re also adding extended registration and semester dates, as well as additional financial aid options for education-related costs. Summer classes start on June 1, 2020.

Get started by calling 888-590-9009 or enroll on line


We understand there may be some questions as to how our Members at international domiciles go about taking advantage of these opportunities. We want you to know that we are researching those questions and hope to have additional information later this week.



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