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Guam (GUM) Voluntary Quarantine Orders

Date: May 30, 2020

MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

Due to the following COVID-19 restrictions Crews Members flying to GUM who are not based in GUM will be required to comply with the following safety precautions:

  • Crews are subject to arrival health screening and must complete the Voluntary Quarantine Letter (VQL) in Customs Hall that includes the address of where they will stay while in GUM. 
  • Crewmembers traveling to GUM will need to call or text using WhatsApp at 929-0487 each day you’re in Guam to confirm whether or not you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • Flight Attendants will be required to stay in your hotel or residence until your next scheduled flight.
  • You will be allowed to get take-out food from a restaurant, but are not able to visit a grocery store.

Note: If you have an upcoming work trip to GUM, or are commuting, please notify GUM base leadership of your travel plans prior to arrival at the GUM airport by calling the GUM Concierge Desk at 671-645-8800. Flight Attendants who have not provided advanced notification to the GUM leadership of your travel plans, may be subject to a government mandated 14-day quarantine.

Details of the Guam Voluntary Quarantine Order can be found in the Content Locker > COVID 19 Resources. 

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