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Reciprocal Cabin Jumpseat Agreements Expanded

Date: May 30, 2020

Starting June 1, 2020, consistent with the priorities established by our AFA Constitution & Bylaws,  reciprocal jumpseat agreements with the following United Express (UAX) partners on United flights: Air Wisconsin, CommutAir, ExpressJet, GoJet, Mesa Airlines, Republic Airlines, and *SkyWest Airlines (*Flight Operations and Dispatch only) will be expanded.

It is important to note that only the following UAX aircraft presently have cabin jumpseats:

  • ExpressJet E145
  • GoJet CRJ550
  • Republic E175 (not the E170)

United pilots, Flight Attendants, dispatchers and qualified management team members will be able to jumpseat on the UAX carriers listed above, while UAX pilots and Flight Attendants will be able to jumpseat on mainland flights in the 50 United States. 

In addition to being able to fly on reciprocal jumpseats, both eligible United and UAX employees will be able to self-list using employeeRES for flights. 

Things to know about these expanded agreements:

  • Self-listing can only be done on the employeeRES website. The United app will not have the same functionality at this time. 
  • A single listing cannot contain both UAX and UA mainline flights. Separate listings must be completed.
  • Alternate jumpseat assignments on certain aircraft may need to be assigned to promote social distancing.
  • The temporary seat capacity cap of 70% will not apply to jumpseats on mainline or UAX aircraft.
  • United flight attendants have priority for mainline United cabin jumpseats at all times, which may affect the listing priority for UAX flight attendants already cleared for a jumpseat up to 10-minutes before departure.
  • All other jumpseat policies and guidelines between UA and UAX remain unchanged.

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