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Scheduling RQ around Sacred Days - Preceding/Following a Scheduled Vacation

Date: June 3, 2020

Section 12.C.4

On May 23, 2020 the company announced their plan to reinstate CQ training beginning mid-June, 2020. Flight Attendants with a February CQ Due Month will become non-qualified (NQ) as of June 1 and will be required to attend RQ1 in June. FAST team members will contact Flight Attendants to schedule Regulatory Training (RQ) training. No RQ training pairings will be placed in open time for Flight Attendants to pick up. 

While CQ classes are scheduled to resume in mid-June, the availability of open days to schedule required CQ training is expected to be somewhat limited. In addition to scheduled vacation days, 
Section 12.C.4 of our Contract provides that days off immediately preceding and following a scheduled vacation period, as shown in a Flight Attendant’s schedule, shall be considered part of that vacation period, if she/he so desires. Sacred days are to be treated in the following manner:

The company cannot assign training on those days, unless a Flight Attendant has specifically bid for the training, or in the case of being scheduled for RQ, she/he indicates affirmatively a desire to be scheduled during vacation or on sacred days. It is the Flight Attendant’s responsibility to ensure that she/he maintains her/his qualifications.  Additionally, the company cannot schedule a meeting on those days, without the Flight Attendant’s consent.

Also, the company cannot reassign a Flight Attendant to infringe on those days, if there is an ability to return the Flight Attendant to base before the start of a sacred day.  Flight Attendants may not be drafted on a sacred day.

However, a lineholder who picks up open flying on one of the days off immediately following a vacation period has signaled the end of her/his vacation. Any remaining days off are treated simply as regularly scheduled day off - not as additional vacation days.

The following plan has been developed to return Flight Attendants to qualification status over the next several months. We encourage you to read the details and become familiar with the CQ/RQ scheduling provisions. 

Note: As part of this plan, Flight Attendants on a COLA will not be required to attend regulatory training during their leave period. 

Additional information can be found in the restart plan questions and answers. Questions can be directed to inflightservicetraining@united.com

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