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Maintaining Required Documents – Passports, Visas and FAA Airmen Certificate

Date: June 10, 2020

The responsibility of maintaining complete and current documentation such as valid passports and visasbelongs to the individual Flight Attendant. Most recently, the requirement to maintain our FAA Airmen Certificate has been added to the list of documents which we are required to maintain. 

While it is not required that we carry the FAA Airmen Certificateit may be requested by an FAA official or at certain international locations. Flight Attendants are required to make these cards available within a reasonable time period, upon request. The FAA has determined that a reasonable period of time is fifteen (15) days. Although we are not required to carry the FAA Airmen Certificate, we encourage Flight Attendants to keep it up to date and always know where you have it secured for easy access. Flight Attendants who need to replace their card because it is lost, stolen or you’ve had a name change or if you have a need to update your current mailing address associated with their certificate should visit the FAA Airmen Certificate website. 

For more information please review E-Lines FAA Airmen Certificate.  

Flight Attendants are reminded that many government agencies are currently closed or have limited access. Please review the following information concerning the Limited Access to U.S. Passport Agencies during the COVID-19 shelter in place orders.

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