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Status Update on Announcement to Close FRA, HKG and NRT International Domiciles

Date: June 12, 2020

As you are likely aware, last Friday United management advised the Union of their intent to close the International Flight Attendant domiciles at FRA, HKG and NRT. This notice has had a definite impact on our Members based at these locations and many are understandably anxious, concerned and angry about this announcement.  All of these emotions are understandable. 

With the announcement of these domicile closures, management communicated to Flight Attendants that there were no opening available in LHR. As a result of this notice, AFA and United management have a dispute. It is the position of the Union that the company must create vacancies on the system to ensure all of our Members from these affected domiciles have a place to work.

During this past week, senior leadership from Inflight Services and Labor Relations met with the MEC Officers and the elected leadership of these domiciles to exchange information and to allow the elected leadership of these locations to communicate the concerns of the affected Flight Attendants. 

As an outcome of these meetings, we are pleased to let you know that United management and your AFA leadership have made a commitment to meet, beginning next week, for discussions focused on finding solutions for the affected Flight Attendants. These will be a series of meetings involving difficult conversations, all with the hope of finding collaborative solutions that serve the mutual interests of the company and the Flight Attendants affected by these announced base closures.

We expect there will many parts of these discussions that will involve confidential information and, for this reason, we don’t expect that we will be able to share particulars of topics discussed during these meetings   We assure you that you will know the outcome of these discussions at the appropriate time and ask for your continued patience and support as we explore solutions.

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