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VSP2 Program Enhancements

Date: June 12, 2020

United Airlines Communication

Late in the day on Thursday, June 11, 2020, the company announced two enhancements to the Voluntary Separation Program (VSP2). These new enhancements will be provided to all eligible Flight Attendants regardless of the timing of your application for the VSP2 program.

Ability to use your premium reimbursement for any medical plan – United, marketplace or other

As part of your individual VSP2 benefits, you would receive a premium reimbursement amount each month from United to help you pay your medical premiums. Based on the original program offering, you could only use your premium reimbursement funds to pay for medical premiums in your United medical plan or a marketplace plan. With this enhancement, you will be able to use those premium reimbursement funds to pay for coverage under a spouse’s plan or another employer’s plan. And, while the original VSP2 program established you had to be enrolled in a United medical plan on your last day worked in order to be eligible for the premium reimbursement, now you’re eligible to receive these premium reimbursement funds from United even if you’re not covered by a United medical plan today.


Premium reimbursement amounts vary. You can check the amount of your premium reimbursement in your program details in Help Hub.


Ability to switch to a lower-cost medical plan

If you are currently covered under a United medical plan and take VSP2 (option A), you now have the option to switch to a lower-cost medical plan to adjust your coverage to better fit your new situation. If you are covered under a United medical plan, you will have 60 days, starting on your separation date, to make that change.


If you have questions or are looking to learn more about these program enhancements, check out your program details and the VSP2 FAQs in Help Hub, or reach out to the HR Operations team through Help Hub (using chat or the VSP2 inquiry form) or by phone at 877-825-3729 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT.

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