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July 4th U.S. Independence Day Contractual Holiday

Date: June 19, 2020

Sections 2.Q and 4.I.

We remind everyone of the upcoming Contractual holiday as set forth in Section 2.Q of our Contract. Flight Attendants receive additional pay for flight assignments flown on designated holidays as outlined in Section 2.Q. Holiday Pay is calculated using a formula that considers the number of credited hours flown on the holiday and the number of hours away from home on the pairing/ID as defined in Section 4.I of our Contract. 

Also, in recognition of our time away from our families during holidays, our Contract provides for additional pay for Flight Attendants on flight and training assignments (CQ) occurring on or over designated holidays including the Flight Attendant’s birthday. Section 2.Q.2. of our Contract specifies that each Flight Attendant is eligible to be paid for a maximum of five (5) holidays per year. For additional information regarding holiday pay reference the following 
June 12, 2020 elines article.

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