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Reserves Picking Up Flying on Scheduled Days Off

Date: June 24, 2020

JCBA Sections 8.L & 8.M.

Flight Attendants awarded a Reserve line for the July bid month are reminded of the contractual provisions provided in Sections 8.L & 8.M. of our JCBA.  A Reserve may, at her/his option, pick up flying on scheduled days off once they have been released by Crew Scheduling.

Those new to Reserve or who have not been on Reserve in a while are reminded, that a Reserve may
not, pick up a trip that has a scheduled check-in on a Reserve day of availability even if they have been released from duty (RLSD) for the remainder of the day. Because the value of the Reserve day has already been included as part of the Reserve minimum guarantee, you are ineligible to pick -up additional flying scheduled for that day. Additionally, if the trip is picked up from adds and carries over into the next bid month it will count as the one allowable trip in the month it originates. Example: A Reserve Flight Attendant picks up a three (3) day trip that originates on June 30, 2020 and concludes on July 2, 2020. The trip will be credited as the Reserves one-time June open time pick-up. 

"NOTE:Trips picked up on Reserve days off may not be traded for other trips. Instead, these trips may be traded for days off (i.e., "dropped") and the Reserve may then pick up a different trip over the OFF days."

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