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E-Lines: June 26, 2020

Date: June 26, 2020

New State Restriction Travel Updates

Officials at the federal and state level continue to closely monitor COVID-19. Some states - including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut - have implemented new restrictions for travel into their states.

Texas and Florida are among around a dozen other states that have hit the brakes on reopening their economies amid a resurgence of the virus across the South and West affecting more than half of the states in the country.  Additional states and localities may also implement new restrictions in the coming days and weeks. 

As a reminder, all United employees are currently exempt from these directives and should maintain their normal work schedule. Please print and fill out an exempt worker certification form verifying that you are a United Airlines employee. Make sure to have this letter with you when traveling in case you are asked by law enforcement or another official for documentation showing that you need to go into your work facility. We also recommend that you wear your work uniform while traveling between these regions, and those not in uniform should wear their United badge, as well as wear a face covering or mask and follow social distancing guidelines. 

Update To Employee Travel Effective June 30, 2020
MEC Safety Health and Security

Yesterday, June 25, 2020 United announced their intent to lift the July 1, 2020 NRSA 70% travel cap and the termination of positive space for Flight Attendants commuting to/from work effective, 23:59 p.m. CT, June 30. 

The company’s employee travel and social distancing policies includes the following:

Lifting NRSA cap effective July 1. We will return to normal NRSA clearing at the gate with no capping restrictions beginning on all flights as of July 1.  

Ending the need for positive space travel for Inflight commuters as of July 1. Since we will not be capping NRSA travel, positive space will no longer be needed or offered for flight attendants commuting to/from work after 23:59 p.m. CT on June 30. Positive space bookings for travel after July 2 will automatically be cancelled, and you will need to rebook as space available travel as required. If you have an existing roundtrip booking where the outbound flight is before July 3 and the return is after, the entire PNR will be cancelled, requiring you to rebook the outbound flight only. 

Processing of Complimentary Premier Upgrades will return to normal, advance clearing where possible (instead of at the gate the day of departure), with flights on July 8. 

Continuing to block seats near crew rest locations. In addition, we are working with the FAA, A4A and AFA to review the alternative jumpseat locations and additional seat blocks around the jumpseat and will provide an update as those are available.  

Continuing back-to-front boarding and front-to-back deplaning process. Customer service representatives will continue to call customers to board by row, starting from the rear of the aircraft to the front. Customers eligible for pre-boarding including customers with disabilities, UMNRs, active military, Global Services, 1K and families traveling with children are welcome to board at any point during the boarding process. Customers who wish to board before their row is called (such as Premier members, Chase cardholders and premium cabin customers) may do so. 

Upon arrival at the gate and after the seatbelt sign has been turned off, approximately five rows at a time will be able to exit the aircraft, using a front-to-back approach. Customers will also be asked to maintain a safe distance between themselves and others as they deplane.  

Continuing to notify customers on regularly scheduled flights that we expect to be fairly full. We’ll continue to do our best to reach out to customers about 24 hours prior to departure to notify them that their flight might be more full than expected and allow them to choose to rebook on a different flight or receive a travel credit. To date, the overwhelming majority of customers have chosen to keep their travel plans the same when presented with these options.

Continuing to isolate customers who may become ill during the flight. We’ve outlined a process for isolating sick customers on board, as needed, in line with our medical advisors at MedLink.

    1. During the flight, if a customer appears to be symptomatic notify the Captain and contact MedLink.
    2.  2.Leave the symptomatic customer in their current seat providing 2 rows empty in front of and behind them, reseat the adjacent customers to open seats. 
      • When moving more than 3 customers on a narrowbody or 10 customers on a widebody aircraft, attempt to reseat an equal number of customers forward and aft of their original seat assignments for weight and balance. If this is not possible, the Purser should notify the flight deck to review with Load Planning.

        3. If there are no other open seats, use the seats blocked near the economy galleys and jumpseats. 

        4. If customers express concern with moving seats, inform them of the CDC guidance to move customers away from the ill customer. If needed, use the In the Moment Care feature in your Inflight Services app to provide goodwill compensation for voluntarily moving seats. You can also flag the customers in the In the Moment Care app to request “Customer Care follow-up” if further follow-up is needed. If In the Moment Care is used, include a note in the comments section advising this is related to COVID-19.

    Additional information can be found in the July 25, 2020 safety alert.

    Union Dues Obligation while on Special COLA Exceeding Ninety Days 

    As we all know, Flight Attendants across the system are volunteering for the Special COLA opportunities in a continuing effort to assist the company during this period of time while flying is reduced as a result of the COVID-19. Depending upon your time away from work, you have different Union dues obligations.

    Under the AFA Constitution and Bylaws, when a Flight Attendant takes an unpaid leave of absence which exceeds ninety (90) days, she/he currently has a dues obligation for the first ninety (90) days of the leave of absence. The AFA Constitution & Bylaws controls the duration of any dues obligation and may be subject to change based on any changes made to those Bylaws.

    Keep in mind that the deduction that occurs on the mid-month pay check is applied to your dues obligation for the prior month.  For example, the deduction from your mid-May pay check covers your Union dues obligation for April.  If you receive an invoice for your April 2020 Union dues, they were not collected from your mid-May paycheck.  We recommend, prior to call the Membership department, that you refer to your May 16, 2020 pay advice to confirm the deduction was not collected.

    To pay Union dues online go to:  www.afacwa.org/payment

    If you have specific questions about your dues obligation during the first 90 days of the 5- and 6-month Special COLAs, contact AFA Membership Services at 1 800-424-2401 X707.

    RQ1 and CQ Training Schedule & Qualification Locater

    Flight Attendants required to attend July training will receive a CCS Priority message regarding their due month. A FAST team member will contact Flight Attendants to schedule Requalification Training (RQ). 

    **Note: No RQ training pairings will be placed in open time for Flight Attendants to pick up.

    Flight Attendants who need training first will be prioritized according to the following schedule:



    February CQ Month

    Non-Qualified on June 1 – Attend RQ1 in June

    March CQ Month

    Non-Qualified on July 1 – Attend RQ1 in July

    April CQ Month

    Non-Qualified on August 1 – Attend RQ1 in August

    May CQ Due Month

    Non-Qualified in September 1 – Attend RQ1 in September

    September CQ Month

    Attend CQ in October

    October and November CQ Month

    Attend CQ in November

    To check your qualification and CQ “due” month status, login to CCS and click the arrow in the top right-hand corner, next to your name. Click on My Information -> Qualifications. Your Due Month and Expiration Date(s) are listed here. 

    Full details of what you can expect when returning for RQ1 training, refer to Flying Together

    Note: As part of this plan, Flight Attendants on a COLA will not be required to attend regulatory training during their leave period. 

    Additional information can be found in the restart plan questions and answers. Questions can be directed to inflightservicetraining@united.com

    MEC Central Schedule Committee Reports – July 2020  

    Central Schedule Committee’s most recent DSL and SWLOF Review REPORTdetailing their activities in the development of the July schedule have been published on unitedafa.org.

    August One- and Two-Month Special COLAs and JobShares now Available for Bid


    Flight Attendants can now request August one- and two-month Special COLAs and JobShares via CCS. Review the published information packets for additional specific information.

    August One Month Special COLA Packet

    August Two Month Special COLA Packet

    Vacation Fly Through Election Deadline for August Bid 

    For those Flight Attendants with August vacations, to indicate your desire for an Advance Vacation Fly Through for vacations scheduled during the month of August, you must place your election on file until 10:00AM HDT, Sunday, July 5th, 2020. Additional details available on unitedafa.org.

    Union Plus Free College Benefit - Fall Enrollment Is Now Open 

    The Union Plus Free College Benefit makes it possible for you and your family members to earn an associate’s degree completely online — for FREE. Fall enrollment is currently taking place. Classes begin August 17, 2020.   Get more information here.

    Union Plus Assistance for Members During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Many of the Union Plus programs provide hardship benefits which apply Members who currently have a Union Plus Mortgage, Credit Card, Personal Loan, or Supplemental Insurance programs may be eligible for additional hardship assistance through the Mortgage Assistance Program and Union Plus Hardship Help. The Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program provides interest-free loans and a $1000 grant to help eligible members make mortgage payments when disabled, unemployed, furloughed, locked out or on strike.

    Union Plus Credit Card holders are eligible for a $300 job loss grant if they have been laid-off or furloughed for 45 days or more due to COVID-19. The eligibility criteria and application process can be found at www.unionplus.org/hardship-help/union-plus-hardship-help-benefits.

    The MetLife Legal program is making available additional resources including free consultation and document review and access to a self-help library so members can get questions answered and also review and complete Wills, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives and similar documents for free through July 31, 2020. Additional info, including the instructions to reach the self-help document library, is available here.

    The Free College program is making available additional financial aid to students who may need additional assistance for education-related expenses due to COVID-19. Info on Free College is here

    Reminders and Quick Links

    July 1      Newly elected MEC Officers and Committee Chairs take Office
    July 1      Deadline to submit request for August 1 & 2 Month COLA Request
    July 4      U.S. Independence Day - Fourth of July Holiday Pay
    July 5      Deadline to submit Vacation Fly Through for August vacations
    July 8      VSP2 Option A Extended Submission Deadline at 2359 CST
    July 10    Update LINK Operating System 13.5.1

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