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New State Restriction Travel Updates

Date: June 27, 2020

Officials at the federal and state level continue to closely monitor COVID-19. Some states - including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut - have implemented new restrictions for travel into their states.

Texas and Florida are among around a dozen other states that have hit the brakes on reopening their economies amid a resurgence of the virus across the South and West affecting more than half of the states in the country.  Additional states and localities may also implement new restrictions in the coming days and weeks. 

As a reminder, all United employees are currently exempt from these directives and should maintain their normal work schedule. Please print and fill out an exempt worker certification form verifying that you are a United Airlines employee. Make sure to have this letter with you when traveling in case you are asked by law enforcement or another official for documentation showing that you need to go into your work facility. We also recommend that you wear your work uniform while traveling between these regions, and those not in uniform should wear their United badge, as well as wear a face covering or mask and follow social distancing guidelines. 

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