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RQ1 and CQ Training Schedule & Qualification Locater

Date: June 27, 2020

Flight Attendants required to attend July training will receive a CCS Priority message regarding their due month. A FAST team member will contact Flight Attendants to schedule Requalification Training (RQ). 

**Note: No RQ training pairings will be placed in open time for Flight Attendants to pick up.

Flight Attendants who need training first will be prioritized according to the following schedule:



February CQ Month

Non-Qualified on June 1 – Attend RQ1 in June

March CQ Month

Non-Qualified on July 1 – Attend RQ1 in July

April CQ Month

Non-Qualified on August 1 – Attend RQ1 in August

May CQ Due Month

Non-Qualified in September 1 – Attend RQ1 in September

September CQ Month

Attend CQ in October

October and November CQ Month

Attend CQ in November

To check your qualification and CQ “due” month status, login to CCS and click the arrow in the top right-hand corner, next to your name. Click on My Information -> Qualifications. Your Due Month and Expiration Date(s) are listed here. 

Full details of what you can expect when returning for RQ1 training, refer to Flying Together

Note: As part of this plan, Flight Attendants on a COLA will not be required to attend regulatory training during their leave period. 

Additional information can be found in the restart plan questions and answers. Questions can be directed to inflightservicetraining@united.com

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