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Get Connected - Sign-up for all Official Union Communications

Date: June 30, 2020

MEC Communications Committee 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic devastation will continue to be a challenge for our industry and United Airlines. We encourage everyone to sign up to receive our official Union communications. Information will be released as it becomes available and it is vitally important that everyone stay informed as the nature of the information is changing quickly: 

  • Signing up to receive official Union information is simple: Visit Unitedafa.org to SIGN UP FOR E- LINES and Contract2021.org to SIGN UP FOR NEGOTIATIONS NEWS
  • Direct people to sign up and to provide us with their email address.
  • If someone believes they have already provided us with their email address and have NOT received a current E-Lines/Negotiations News, encourage them to sign up again.
  • Encourage Flight Attendants to sign up in the moment – do it now during the conversation.
  • Bookmark the email sign up page on your personal electronic device to facilitate the collection of email addresses.
  • Remember, we do not accept united.com e-mail addresses for official Union communications.

 Additional information can be found in the April 29, 2020 E-lines Special edition.

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