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AFA Attains Temporary Modification to Section 28 - Commuter Program

Date: July 11, 2020

The continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a reduction in flights that has resulted in a reduction in the options available for Flight Attendants who commute by air.  In addition, this flight reduction is not conducive to a Flight Attendant being able to list for a primary and secondary flight within a reasonable period prior to an assignment.   This being the case, AFA has attained a temporary modification to the language in Section 28.B.4.b. to require the Flight Attendant be listed on one (1) flight and the requirement to be listed for a secondary flight is waived.  No other provisions of our Contract are modified by this Agreement.  This modification is effective July 1, 2020 until further notice.

Resolution on Furlough Mitigation

The United Master Executive Council met today by teleconference to address issues related to the Company’s reduction in personnel announcement, international base closures and the agreement to temporarily modify the terms of Section 28 – Commuter Program (reported above.)

During today’s call, the United Master Executive Council adopted a Furlough Mitigation Resolution   to press United management to explore aggressively pursue contractual opportunities for discretionary time off.

Furlough Mitigation Resolution

Whereas United management has determined there should be a potential reduction in force of up to 15,100 Flight Attendants, and

Whereas United management has stated the need for this reduction in force is necessary to recover from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and a return to profitability, and

Whereas United management has stated   a desire to be able to “snap back” opportunistically while saving cash and developing a “flexible people plan”, and

Whereas the United MEC is prepared to do everything possible to eliminate the need for the involuntary furlough of any of the more than 25,000 Members we represent, and

Whereas our Contract provides the company with a number of scheduling mechanisms to manage manpower and keep employees connected to their benefits, and

Whereas proactively managing manpower and keeping employees qualified and working is what best positions the company to respond to resurgence in the demand for air travel.

Therefore Be It Resolved the United MEC directs the MEC President/designee to enter into discussions with United management on the following points:

Discretionary Time Off 

  • Provide incentives for voluntary discretionary time off.
  • Provide for a variety of Special Leave periods to be offered based on seniority
  • Implement a process to provide for partial month Special COLAs
  • Aggressively pursue and award Partnerships of varying durations with varying start dates
  • Expand opportunities for daily discretionary time off
  • Continued use of Reserve schedules having more than the minimum 12 days off

Be It Finally Resolved that any agreed upon solutions will be incorporated into a Letter of Agreement that will govern how the extraordinary manpower overage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will be systematically addressed until United returns to a full flight schedule.


July 10, 2020

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