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What’s up with Using the 6/23/2020 System Seniority List for Voluntary Furlough

Date: July 15, 2020

There have been some questions about why the company is using a System Seniority List dated June 23, 2020 when determining the reduction in force.  On the date the company began to make a determination of the size of the workforce that would be needed to cover the operation which they plan to cover in the coming months, the company pulled that list in order to set the foundation for any reduction in force.  That list clearly establishes those individuals who are subject to the work force reductions and establishes a point on the System Seniority list beyond which the company may not extend when placing Flight Attendants on involuntary furlough status.

While it is true the Flight Attendants who are taking VSP2 who left in June and who will leave July 30th are still on the list, they were part of the workforce at the point in time at which the determination was made by the company.  In certain instances, these individuals have the right to rescind their VSP election.

To be clear, the June 23, 2020 System Seniority has an exclusive function; that is, to determine and strictly identify those subject to involuntary furlough through any reduction in force.

The semi-annual System Seniority list that is due out during July, typically July 1, is the list that will be used exclusively to protest any error or omission.  In order to avoid confusion between the two lists that might inadvertently lead people to wrong conclusions, as has been the practice during a period of voluntary furlough, both lists are not posted at the same time. 

Once the July list is posted, all Flight Attendants will have a 30-day period of time to protest any error or omission found on that exclusive list.

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