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Update on FRA, HKG and NRT Base Closures

Date: July 18, 2020

The Company and AFA have agreed that the dispute arising over the issue of what the Union believes is a requirement for the company to make locations available for International Flight Attendants to transfer to will be submitted to expedited arbitration.  We expect this arbitration will be scheduled during the last half of the month of August. Further, it has been agreed that a decision on the case will be rendered no later than mid-September in order to provide our Members in the International domiciles with the information they need to make life altering decisions.


Given that United will expedite the arbitration over the disputed issue, there is no need for AFA to pursue the issue in Federal court.


At the same time, we want everyone to keep in mind that the discrete issues affecting each domicile location under the laws of the country in which the domicile is situated will continue to be addressed by legal counsel in each location. 


As it pertains to legal information, it is critical that our International Flight Attendants obtain information from their Local Council leadership as there are separate laws governing each location.  These laws are likely different and it is reasonable to expect there will be distinct requirements by location. For example, the laws that apply in Germany and the actions that Flight Attendants based at FRA will have to take will likely be decidedly different than what will be required at HKG or NRT.


We continue to direct our energy and resources into defending our Contract in the interest of the Members we represent in these International domiciles. We are doing so in exactly the same manner we would if the company were to close a location in the United States and subsequently advise our Members at that closed location that there was no place for them to go.  An injustice to one is an injustice to all.  We will continue the fight.

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