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Involuntary Furlough and Balance of Basic Uniform Cost

Date: July 22, 2020

Given the large number of new hires who are still in the process of paying off the cost of their first basic uniform, we understand there are an equal number of questions about what happens to any outstanding balance in the event of an involuntary furlough.  In fact, there are even some questions about what people would be required to do with their uniform if placed on involuntary furlough.

Basic items are retained by the furloughed Flight Attendant. She/he is responsible for returning to service with all required items. If items become obsolete during the furlough period, the company will furnish new items.  If she/he still owes money on the original (basic) uniform, payments will be deferred until you either return to the payroll or resign. Unused and accrued uniform points will be available for use upon your return to active status up to the maximum allowable. Keep in mind that no uniform points are accrued while on the period of furlough.

We have today uploaded the company’s updated furlough Q & A’s and have added information on the Base Closures to the COVID-19 Recovery Resource on www.unitedafa.org

Please let your Local Council leadership know if you have additional questions.

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