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Returning from Furlough – Where do I go?

Date: July 24, 2020

Misinformation, perhaps as a result of confusion between the difference between voluntary and involuntary furlough, continues to be disseminated via the “jumpseat wireless.” Regrettably, this information is misleading and has become a source of anxiety for many considering the voluntary furlough.  We want to clear up the confusion.


Section 18.A.3.e. provides that Flight Attendants who accept a voluntary furlough will return to the base from which voluntarily furloughed provided that while away, her/his status at the base has not been affected by the Surplus Provisions outlined in Section 17.J. It is important to understand that not taking the voluntary furlough will not insulate anyone from the Surplus Provisions in the event the company were to adjust the size of any base, including the International Purser bases.


Perhaps the source of confusion is coming from what happens if recalled from an involuntary furlough. In such an instance, as provided for in Sections 18.B. and 18.C., Flight Attendants may be recalled from involuntary furlough to a different base than the one from which furloughed and will be eligible for Moving Expenses as outlined in Section 26 of the Contract. 

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