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Voluntary Furlough Bid Closing Deadline Extended to August 10, 2020 -8:00AM CT

Date: July 29, 2020

We write to share an important update resulting from our collective efforts to persuade Congress to act to pass a clean extension of the CARES Act. This legislation could include an extension to the Payroll Support Program.   As our communications over the past several weeks have indicated, our collective advocacy has resulted in an increasingly strong campaign for the extension of the Payroll Support Program.  Over the past several weeks, we have reached out to United management to request their support and assistance for these efforts by asking for revisions to the reduction in force timelines.

Because it is likely that Congress will act on this legislation before their summer recess on August 7, 2020, we have strongly advocated for a delay to the award of voluntary furloughs until we have confirmation that Congress will act to support the Payroll Support Program. 

We are pleased to report that United management has agreed to delay the closing of the window to submit a bid for voluntary furlough until August 10 at 8:00 AM Central Time.  This is an exciting development that emphasizes the importance of our collective efforts.

And, these efforts must continue.  We are strongly encouraging everyone to call their elected representatives to express your viewpoint and to request their support for a clean extension to the CARES Act and the Payroll Support Program.  Your efforts are vital to this effort and you are making a difference with each telephone.  Thank you for all you are doing and, keep up the good work!

View the updated timeline for the reduction in force activities on the COVID-19 Recovery page (https://unitedafa.org/covid-19-recovery/) on our MEC website (www.unitedafa.org.)

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