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United States Independence Day – This year, it’s different but just as important

Date: July 3, 2020

United States Independence Day Holiday – This year, it’s different but just as important 

This year, the United States Independence Day holiday is a two-day holiday but the traditions we may normally enjoy – going to the beach, enjoying hometown parades while lining the streets of our hometown, barbecues with family and friends or even watching fireworks displays in our community parks or other venues – we simply cannot participate in this year because of the continuing impact of COVID-19.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its recent resurgence has forced local communities to cancel many of these traditional events in the interest of public health and safety. Just as it’s changed almost everything else, the coronavirus outbreak has forced us to look at our annual Fourth of July festivities through a different lens. 

It’s ironic that during this holiday celebrating our independence, the real message for this year’s holiday is one that suggests everyone stays home.  The traditional festivities where we celebrate the great freedoms we enjoy in this country are being curtailed as we seek to avoid large weekend gatherings in order to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus.  

In our chosen careers, we’ve become accustomed to facilitating the gathering of family and friends for these holiday celebrations.  That we are not doing so this year in the same way we have done so in the past, is but another indication of how the virus has changed everything.  

However, as other geopolitical events occur in the world around us, celebrating our hard-fought independence and the freedoms we enjoy in these great United States of America, it is more important this year than ever before that we do celebrate.  Although there are local restrictions that prevent us gathering in large groups, celebrating our independence is a vital activity, even when celebrated modestly, that the world will be watching.  

Everyone in the United States should celebrate the Fourth of July, we just have to find a way to celebrate differently – in a way that keeps everyone safe and that promotes health.

On behalf of the United Master Executive Council, we wish you and your families a safe and healthy U.S. Independence Day Holiday.


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