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Ensuring Proper Credit for Reserve Move-Up – Importance of the RM Code

Date: August 1, 2020

MEC Reserve Committee

Reserve Move-Up Lines for the August bid month are being built and awarded now through August 4th. We hear from Flight Attendants they are not always properly credited for days of Reserve availability served prior to the award of a Move-Up line. To ensure this occurs, once properly released to the Move-Up line, it is important to then verify the “Released to Move-Up” code (RM) has been applied to your Master Schedule.


1.    Getting Properly Released to Move-Up

The JCBA Reserve Guide published on Flying Together (updated May 16, 2019), outlines that Flight Attendants who are not on Standby or a pairing assignment at the time they are awarded a Move-Up line will be released to their Move-Up line with the approval of Crew SchedulingNotification of a Move-Up line award and the ability to process trades does not constitute such approval.A release to Move-Up is a specific action required by crew desk personnel and must occur in order for Flight Attendants to receive pay and credit for Reserve days served prior to the Move-up award.


2.    Verify Credit for Reserve Days Served

Once properly released, look for the “RM”code to have been applied to your Master Schedule after any Reserve availability days served prior to the Move-Up award. If correctly applied, you should also see credit equal to the Reserve daily value (4:07 in a 31-day month or 4:20 in a 30-day month) next to each of the previous Reserve days. The credit for each day should also be included in your total monthly credit value.


In recent months, we have worked with management to establish more robust “checks-and-balances” between FAST, Crew Pay and Crew Scheduling to ensure Flight Attendants are properly credited. However, it is always a good idea to double check in your Master Schedule that the process has been completed. If you note the RM code has not been correctly applied, please submit a report to your Local Reserve Committee for follow-up.

Contact your Local Council Reserve Committee if you have additional questions.

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