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International Purser Surplus Process Completed

Date: September 2, 2020

Today, the International Purser Surplus process was completed.  Should the CARES Act be extended, the International Purser surplus process will not beimplemented and everyone will return to the International Purser base. Below is a snapshot of the base population and the number of International Pursers participating in each of the voluntary programs - the Voluntary Furlough and the Voluntary Surplus as well as a list of those who will be Involuntary Surplused from their International Purser base to their geographic base.

Key: VF = Voluntary Furlough, VS = Voluntary Surplus and IS = Involuntary Surplus.

Note:  Of the 518 placed on Involuntary Surplus status, 89 elected to participate in the IVFMP, 9 were placed on VF and one person from the International Purser program is among the group of our most junior 5,500 who will, unfortunately, be placed on IVF status should the CARES Act not be extended.

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