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Clarifying the Interaction of Special COLAs and NAL Schedules

Date: September 16, 2020

There have been questions as to why No Activity Lines (NAL) were assigned to participants in the IVFMP program when there are still requests for Special COLAs that were not awarded. It is important to understand that NAL scheduled provides management with a definite reduction in their pay obligation. In those circumstances where management offers Special COLAs to further reduce the population beyond where it is currently established at a base, the anticipated number of awarded Special COLAs would, at a minimum, need to exceed the total number of NAL schedules available for the location. In a situation where the company were to permit the award of NAL schedules to the general population, the population reduction offered by the NAL schedules would need to be sufficient to meet the company’s population reduction need. For October, because the company needs to further reduce staffing beyond what the NAL schedules provide the No Activity Lines (NAL) will only be available to those Flight Attendants participating in the IVFMP program. Flight Attendants in the general population will be required to take a Special COLA in order to take advantage of time away from work opportunities.

Going forward, in the event the CARES Act is not extended, each month while the IVFMP program is in effect, Crew Planning will develop a standard advisory as to the award of Special COLAs and whether or not NAL Schedules will be available to the general population.

When no Special COLAs are awarded in a specific base then all Flight Attendants in that base may bid to be awarded NAL lines. If NAL lines will be made available to the entire base, a bid screen will be available in CCS for all Flight Attendants in the base to request NAL lines. In these same months where NAL lines are made available to all Flight Attendants in the base, those participants in the IVFMP should submit bids for Regular Flight Attendant schedules as published in the monthly bid packet; that is, Lineholder and Reserve schedules, which will be awarded based on seniority.

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