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Updating your Personal Information on Flying Together

Date: September 16, 2020

MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee

Before leaving on your next pairing, given all of the events, both natural and otherwise that are taking place in the communities we serve, take a few minutes to review the Emergency Contact information you have on file in company records. Ensuring the accuracy of this information can save minutes that matter in any critical situation where the company needs to either contact you or your designated emergency contacts quickly.

Review your designated Emergency Contact(s) in Flying Together. Access My Profile from the upper right-hand corner of the home screen by clicking on your name.

> Edit My Info > Personal Details > Emergency Contacts. 

Click the “+” to add a contact or the “>” sigh to edit existing information. Always remember to save any changes or updates.

As an additional precaution, if you’ve recently been married, changed your name, or had a new passport issued, ensure that your full name on company records matches the name listed on the passport, including your middle name. To verify/update your information:

Flying Together > My Profile (Upper Right Corner) > Edit my Info > Personal Details > Name > Edit or change name to match your passport exactly and submit any requested documentation. Keep in mind that the name in your profile must match the name on your passport. When making changes, you are required to also submit documentation to support the name change as detailed on the page where changes are made.

Finally, ensure your address and telephone contact information listed with the company is accurate. In the event of any emergency at or near your home, both the company and AFA will have the information necessary to act to ensure your safety. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council office for assistance.

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