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Vacation 2021 Bidding Process Begins with Vacation Accrual Letters

Date: September 18, 2020

Central Schedule Committee

Within a matter of weeks, the Vacation 2021 process will begin with the issuance of 2021 Vacation Accrual Letters which will be available no later than September 25, 2020. These can be located by logging in to CCS > Vacation-> My Vacation. From here, select “To view optional election, click here”. The following information will be displayed: 

  • Your vacation accrual seniority date as of August 29, 2020. 
  • Your 2020 base vacation accrual is determined by your vacation accrual seniority date 
  • Your paid activity, by each quarter in the 2019-2020 Vacation Accrual Year, to be used in determining your vacation accrual for the 2021 Vacation year.
  • Your 2021 vacation accrual, in days and hours. 

It should be noted, for newly hired Flight Attendants, the quarterly paid activity will not be shown because new hire Flight Attendants accrue one vacation day for each full month of continuous employment during the remainder of the vacation accrual year after the date of initial employment. 

Detailed information concerning the annual vacation process will be available once the 2021 Vacation Booklet has been published and will be available soon on our website, unitedafa.org 

Additional information on the various processes associated with vacation bidding will be posted shortly on our Vacation microsite accessible from unitedafa.org

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