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November Special COLAs Available (One-Month Duration)

Date: September 24, 2020

Inflight Scheduling will offer Special Company Offered Leaves of Absence (COLAs) for the November Flight Attendant bid month. Review the November 2020 Special COLA packet.

Flight Attendants interested in these Special COLAs should submit their request via CCS under the "Leaves" drop-down menu. Select - Special COLA. If you are interested in more than one duration, please indicate the one you prefer (#1) as they will be awarded at the same time.

The deadline to submit your leave request is Thursday, October 1 at 08:00 a.m. CT.

These Special COLAs will include medical benefits at active employee rates. Additionally, pay and vacation longevity are not impacted for step increases. Once the Special COLA is awarded it cannot be rescinded. Review Section 15.C and 15.N of the Agreement for additional details.

It should be noted, COLA requests submitted before the primary deadline will be added to the waitlist automatically and cannot be modified after the primary deadline. If you have a Special COLA request on file, it will be considered for an award at any time before the November bid month starts if slots are still available.

For more information on how to apply for a Special COLA in CCS, review the Special COLA Overview section in the "COLA, Jobshare and Multiple Month Partnership Overview" located on Flying Together > Inflight Services > Crew Scheduling.

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