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Healthy Airport Ordinance Expands Subsidized Medical Coverage at SFO

Date: January 22, 2021

Earlier today, United released the following information:

Flight Attendants based in SFO, who have benefits that cover just themselves (“you only” coverage) will be offered free subsidized medical coverage – required under the Healthy Airport Ordinance.  This is offered to those employees having coverage in the following United medical plans: 

  • Kaiser Northern California Option A
  • Kaiser Northern California Option B
  • Kaiser Southern California Option A
  • Kaiser Southern California Option B 

In conjunction with a recent change in the Healthy Airport Ordinance, beginning March 1, 2021, there will be expanding free subsidized medical coverage to include family coverage for those who choose to enroll in the Kaiser Northern California Option B medical plan for 2021. Family coverage includes the following coverage tiers:  

  • You (employee) + spouse/qualified domestic partner
  • You (employee) + child(ren)
  • You (employee) + spouse/qualified domestic partner and child(ren) 

There has also been a slight updates to the Kaiser Northern California Option B, beginning 1, 2021. Those changes included decreasing the out-of-pocket maximum to $2,500/$5,000, as well as decreasing the specialist office visit copay to $30. There were no changes to the other Kaiser plans mentioned above, and we'll continue to offer free subsidized “you only” coverage in all four plans for 2021 to those who are eligible. 

How you can change plans, if you wish:

If you'd like to move into the Kaiser Northern California Option B medical plan or change your coverage tier for 2021, just use the "SFO Station Code Special Enrollment” tile on Your Benefits Resources (YBR)*, where you can easily move into the Kaiser Northern California Option B plan, if you wish. 

You’ll be able to move plans between February 1 – February 15 on YBR. You can find the tile on the homepage of YBR under "Highlights for You" which you can get to through Flying Together > Employee Services > Health & Insurance (YBR) or benefits.ual.com

Important notes about changing coverage:

  • Please note that provider networks for the different plans are completely different. If you decide to move plans, be sure to review that your current providers are still in network by using the “Choose Your Provider” tool under the "SFO Station Code Special Enrollment” tile YBR or by visiting www.kp.org.
  • If you chose to move to the no cost plans, the United wellness credits or spousal surcharge will not apply. 

If you have accepted recall from furlough, please read: 

Because you can change medical plans effective March 1, due to the Healthy Airport Ordinance and make changes to your elections due to the temporary reemployment retroactively effective January 1, 2021, you will go through a dual enrollment. Both of your enrollment opportunities will open February 1 and go through February 15.

This means that if you wish to make changes due to the temporary recall, you will first need to make those changes such as changing medical plan, removing coverage, adding qualified dependents or other changes effective January 1, 2021 through your special enrollment. Then, if you wish to move to the Kaiser Northern California Option B medical plan effective March 1, 2021, you'll enroll per the instructions above. You can also add dependents at this time. 

Please note, you don’t have to make any changes during either of your enrollment opportunities. If you have any additional questions you can use the chat feature on YBR to chat with a UABC representative directly. 

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