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Delays happen. Protect your duty time maximum!

Date: October 12, 2021

Delays happen. Throughout the course of our duty day some of these delays are anticipated and become known while others occur more as a result of changing circumstances that cause “creeping delays”. As aviation’s first responders the amount of time we spend on duty plays a crucial role in our ability to quickly identify and respond to emergency situations. In knowing these delays in advance, this knowledge provides Flight Attendants with the opportunity to take advantage of every opportunity for rest and to better adjust and plan for the extended duty day.

This is partially the reason we negotiated Section 7.X. of our Contract which provides that if a delay or cancellation is known two (2) hours before scheduled departure time, Flight Attendants are to be notified of the delay as soon as possible, provided the delay is estimated to be more than thirty (30) minutes.

If you are not notified according to the outlined parameters and you ultimately check in at your regular scheduled time, contact Crew Scheduling to ensure that your duty time is updated to reflect your actual check-in time. In such an instance, the start of your duty day may be different from others working the same flight especially if the other members of your crew were notified of the delay. You should not hesitate to contact the Crew Desk to update your duty period whether at home or at the layover point. Doing so at the start of your duty day provides the company with accurate information about the legalities of each member of the crew assigned to a specific flight and will avoid any issues in the event further delays create legality issues in the duty period. The length of our duty day is Contractual and out time is valuable.

As a reminder when delays occur and you have not been advised of a delay (received positive notification or contacted Crew Scheduling to adjust your check in time) you are expected to be in position for the operation in accordance with your original check in time. Failure to be in position at your original check in may result in a missed trip as a result of being unavailable for the operation where you might otherwise have been subject to drafting or reassignment.

Please contact your Local Council office with further questions.

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