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AFA Debrief: October 19, 2021

Date: October 19, 2021

AFA Debrief October 19, 2021

Take Action! Solidarity with Piedmont Flight Attendants

September 30, 2021 – Flight Attendants at Piedmont—a subsidiary of American Airlines—are taking a strike vote right now. They need our support. Management's latest proposal includes only tiny raises with significant healthcare cost increases meaning many Flight Attendants would take home less tomorrow than they do today.

Piedmont Flight Attendants kept the planes flying throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Piedmont and American Airlines Group are once again flying high. We won't allow them to leave Flight Attendants stranded.

Take Action below by calling on American Airlines Group Management to get back to the bargaining table and agree to a Fair Contract for Piedmont Flight Attendants.

Sign the petition today and support our Sisters and Brothers at Piedmont!

Enrollment in Link Protection Plan

If you are interested in the full year protection, we are expecting the company to shortly be releasing additional information on this year’s program.

Program Coverage Details:

  • The annual cost, which is payroll deductible, is $30 for coverage from December 1, 2021, through November 30, 2022 for both the Link and Sled. This year, the company will offer a second coverage option covering only the Link device at a cost of $24. 
  • If you opt into the program:  The annual enrollment fee of $30 covers the first replacement claim for a lost or stolen Link/sled (per year). Any additional replacement claims will be paid by the employee.
  • If you opt out of the program:  You are automatically opted out of the program if you do not make an election.  You will be responsible for paying the replacement charges for a lost or stolen Link/sled. 

We’re expecting additional program details to be released by the company shortly.

Assigning Specific Flight Attendants to Inaugural Flights

Last week United announced twelve (12) plans to inaugurate new international routes from several cities in our network beginning in Spring 2022.

We are all excited to see global travel trend towards recovery as United continues to take advantage of opportunities to return to and expand into other international markets. As new routes to HND, BLR, ZRH, NCE, FRA, PMI, TFS, BGO, PDL and AMM begin at bases around the system, we understand there are questions about which base these flights will be assigned to as well as questions about who will fly the inaugural flights to these new destinations.  As provided for in Section 7.A.9.b. of our Contract, we may see United management assign specific Flight Attendants to some of these inaugural flights.

As a reminder, Section 7.A.9.b. of our Contract provides for Special Purpose Flights where the Company may assign specific Flight Attendant(s) to a limited number of flights not to exceed ten (10) per year when it determines that the circumstances call for a particular crew, e.g., inaugural flights or those with high profile or significant publicity opportunity.

If management decides to assign specific Flight Attendants to these inaugural flights, this will be decided in the month prior to the inaugural flight and the Union’s Central Schedule Committee will be advised.  Stay tuned to the Central Schedule Committee’s monthly reports on our website.

Flu Shot Voucher Available on Flying Together

Flu season is coming and it’s more important than ever for each of us to consider our personal health circumstances, to consult with our physician in order to determine if getting the flu shot is in our best interest.  In our line of work, we encounter a wide range of people from all walks of life who live in different parts of the world and may be more prone to contacting the flu.  

To help combat this potentially adverse impact including deadly illness, we recommend everyone consult with their physician to determine if the vaccination for the current flu stain (other than COVID) is right for them. 

The Center for Disease Control recommends that adults and children older than six (6) months get a flu vaccine by the end of October.  Free flu shots are available upon presentation of your health insurance card at CVS, Walgreens, etc. or at one of United’s health and wellness resources.

If you do not have United medical coverage, you can still receive a free flu shot through a pharmacy in the CVS Caremark network or at one of the United Premise Clinics in IAH, ORD, EWR or GUM. The voucher can be printed on Flying Together.

Take the steps to keep yourself healthy this season.

Reminder: Halloween Attendance for Two Holiday, Single Bonus Point

As was announced last June 2021, in an effort to recognize Flight Attendants with perfect attendance during the 4th of July holiday period (July 1, 2021 through July 7, 2021) AND during the Halloween period October 28, 2021 through November 3, 2021, AFA and the company agreed to implement a Bonus Point Incentive Program.

Flight Attendants who meet the criteria listed below in both of the holiday periods will be credited with oneattendance Bonus Point that can be used to offset the first point generating occurrence after November 3, 2021.

During each of the designated periods, Flight Attendants must meet the following criteria to be awarded the attendance point credit:

  • Flight Attendants must be on active status during the designated periods.
  • Flight Attendants must work a flight segment or stand Reserve during the specified period.
  • Flight Attendants must not receive any attendance point(s) during the designated time periods.
  • Flight Attendants must not have an active Attendance Warning 4 at the time the credit is issued on November 15, 2021.

This bonus point program is uniquely different from prior programs in that Flight Attendants must meet the attendance criteria in each of the two designated periods in order to receive the full bonus point. Please be sure to read the program details carefully. If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

Reminders & Dates

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October & November – AFA Opening Proposal Roadshows
OCT 23 – First Round Vacation Bidding Opens
OCT 29 - Open Enrollment Period for Retirees Closes
OCT 30 – November Flying Month Begins
OCT 30 – Third Trimester CBT DUE
OCT 30 – Daylight Savings Time 2021 Begins in the U.K.
OCT 31 – First Round Vacation Bidding Closes
NOV 07 – Daylight Savings Time 2021 Begins in the United States


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