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Assigning Specific Flight Attendants to Inaugural Flights

Date: October 19, 2021

Last week United announced twelve (12) plans to inaugurate new international routes from several cities in our network beginning in Spring 2022.

We are all excited to see global travel trend towards recovery as United continues to take advantage of opportunities to return to and expand into other international markets. As new routes to HND, BLR, ZRH, NCE, FRA, PMI, TFS, BGO, PDL and AMM begin at bases around the system, we understand there are questions about which base these flights will be assigned to as well as questions about who will fly the inaugural flights to these new destinations.  As provided for in Section 7.A.9.b. of our Contract, we may see United management assign specific Flight Attendants to some of these inaugural flights.

As a reminder, Section 7.A.9.b. of our Contract provides for Special Purpose Flights where the Company may assign specific Flight Attendant(s) to a limited number of flights not to exceed ten (10) per year when it determines that the circumstances call for a particular crew, e.g., inaugural flights or those with high profile or significant publicity opportunity.

If management decides to assign specific Flight Attendants to these inaugural flights, this will be decided in the month prior to the inaugural flight and the Union’s Central Schedule Committee will be advised.  Stay tuned to the Central Schedule Committee’s monthly reports on our website.

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