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CQ Training Cycle

Date: October 22, 2021

Earlier this year and we began our recovery from COVID, the company announced that due to the exponential amount of CQ/RQ training offered earlier this year and because of the Payroll Support Program (PSP), some Flight Attendants may now have an updated CQ due month, requiring them to attend training twice in 2021.

You may view your current CQ due month by navigating through CCS>Main Menu>Bidding>CQ Due Month.   You may also see your CQ due month in CCS by clicking your picture and selecting in the drop-down menu My Info> FA-General FA Qualifications.

By selecting the date that works before your schedule, we recommend Flight Attendants pick-up CQ beginning on the 23rd of the month prior to attending training during the trip trade window.  

For November CQ training, you may continue to pick up through November 3, 2021.  Beginning November 4, 2021, failure to pick up training may result in the Flight Attendant Service Center assigning you training based on your schedule and class availability.  

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