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Move-Up Line - Removing Name from Move-up List

Date: October 22, 2021

Reserve Move-Up Lines are built by the company from the first through the fifth day of the bid month (not the calendar month) to the extent adequate Reserve coverage can be maintained. Move-up lines will be constructed with either all Domestic or all International pairings.

After the bidding window has closed, a Reserve can remove her/his name from the Move-Up List by 2359 on the last day of the active bid month, in CCS by accessing General Settings > Move-Up Electing.

If all the protected days specified by the Reserve cannot be accommodated, the Reserve will remain on the Move-Up List in Seniority order until all the protected day(s) can be honored. A Reserve who indicated no protected day(s) off, or whose protected day(s) have been satisfied, must accept the awarded Move-Up Line.

For additional information review the most current edition of the Reserve Guide at unitedafa.org.

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