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New Mobile CCS Feature Offers Alternate Stand-by Check-in Alternative

Date: October 22, 2021

This week, the company announced starting November 1, 2021, a new way to check-in for a Reserve standby assignment by offering up a Touchless Check-in tool for all locations except for satellite bases at this time.

This new tool supports Reserves at all domicile locations by allowing them to check-in using their mobile devices when in the vicinity of a crew lounge.   If you check-in via CCS Touchless Check-In, the scheduling department will consider your cell phone available unless you call and indicate otherwise.   The use of the feature is optional as the crew lounge phone will still be available for checking-in for your standby assignment.

By logging into Mobile CCS, on top of the page under “My Trip,” you will see “Touchless Check-In.”   Here, Mobile CCS uses your location in determining whether you are in the vicinity of the crew lounge for check-in.   If you click “Don’t Allow,” you will not be able to use this feature and must check in via the crew lounge phone.   The location is only used to determine whether you are in the check-in area.

Once you allow sharing your location, you will have a check-in screen.   Below the check-in button, there will be a history of check-ins.   The “System” column will either show “uCrew” or “CCS.”   “Ucrew” indicates the check-in was manually recorded by scheduling whereas the “CCS” indicates a check-in recorded via the “Touchless Check-In” tool.   

For more information, please review the company’s latest Inflight Service Weekly.

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