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Travel versus Settling Time When Transferring

Date: October 22, 2021

Recent transfer activity has resulted in several questions about the difference between Travel & Settling Time, the difference between the two items, and how they are used.

Section 17.A. of our Contract outlines the Contractual provisions when transferring to a different base when permanent base vacancies occur or when the company opens a base. Travel time is associated with reporting to the new base prior to the first flight assignment.

Flight Attendants transferred to fill a vacancy are required to be available to begin the assignment on the date set by the company and our Contract requires the company to provide no less than a ten (10) day notice.  Successful bidders are eligible for Moving Expenses to newly established bases and shall be considered transferred at Company Expense.

Travel time from one base to another is established based on whether a Flight Attendant elects at the time of accepting the travel to either fly or drive to the new base location. Travel Time is applied to consecutive days immediately preceding the effective date of the transfer.

Once at the location, Section 17.H. provides for Settling Time, that is, time upon arrival at the base that is provided for the purpose of settling at the new location.

Flight Attendants who accept transfer awards will receive a notification providing information about receiving optional applicable travel time to the new base. A Flight Attendant who voluntarily transfers to a newly established base or who is initially assigned to a base will be provided up to three days, at her/his option, to settle. This time can be arranged anytime within twelve (12) months of the effective date of the new assignment. To qualify for settling time, there must be a physical move or change of address.

Requests for Settling Time must be submitted via Help Hub and at least seven days’ notice is required.  Review the following articles for additional information:

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