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2022 Benefits Enrollment Period

Date: October 26, 2021

Benefits enrollment for 2022 is now open for Retirees and will run through October 29, 2021.  Following that and beginning on November 1, 2021, the Annual Benefits Enrollment period for active employees starts and will remain open until November 19, 2021.   We have been advised that this change to the timing of the enrollment process will continue beyond 2021.

Both active and retired Flight Attendants should have received a printed United Benefits Enrollment guide that highlights the changes to non-core 2022 Health Benefits.  As a reminder, the enrollment period this year is shorter than in the past, so be sure to check your guide and begin the enrollment process within the new shortened timeline.  

It is critical that each of us understands the benefit options available to make informed decisions about your 2022 coverage. 

Visit United’s new educational website at www.nowboardingbenefits.com to help you understand your 2022 benefits.  As a reminder, there will not be in-person Annual Enrollment fairs in the bases.

Enrollment is completed through United’s “Your Benefits Resource (YBR) website, which may be accessed through the “Useful Websites Link” on our website; or you may call the United Airlines Benefits Center with questions regarding enrolling or using the “Your Benefits Resource” website at (800) 651-1007.

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