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Preventing (Inadvertent Slide Deployments) ISDs is Everyone’s Reasonability!

Date: October 26, 2021

On October 22, 2021, United issued an ISW indicating new mitigation for slide deployments which includes extensive retraining for any Flight Attendant involved. While we cannot dispute that the current process was not mitigating these profoundly serious events, this training was developed without AFA input, and we are working to correct that at this time. Please ensure you have read the current safety alert and are aware of the protocol management desires us to follow post any ISD.

AFA remains committed to the safety of Flight Attendants and all United Employees; each and every slide deployment has potential for major risks, up to and including death. Without minimizing this risk, we seek to be engaged in a meaningful recovery and reintroduction to aircraft doors post-event, to ensure any Flight Attendant has the tools and support needed the next time they encounter a door.

In the next few days, we will continue to engage with management to discuss their training and mitigation plan.

Remember, you are the safety professional onboard, and safety is always the priority over passenger service. Your door is to be your focus during the critical phases of arming and disarming. Post-event debriefs have indicated that Stop, Drop and Review is effective; but we must be afforded the time and pace to do so effectively. The company has committed to Flight Attendants that anytime we feel the need to “take a moment for safety,” it will be supported in the operation. The aircraft cannot move, and the door cannot be opened until we are ready. Do not allow anything to take precedence over your focused operation; take your time to ensure you are ready to proceed with the process and keep yourself and others safe. After all, safety is OUR priority. 

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