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New Hire Training Plan & System Transfers

Date: October 29, 2021

In anticipation of a growth in Flight Attendant block hours beginning in April 2022, the first class of new hires began training October 4, will graduate November 18, and are expected to report to their assigned base(s) on November 25, 2021.

There are plans for thirteen (13) new hire classes through the end of the year with long term plans to add approximately 1300+ new hires into early next year.

While the need for new hires is not anticipated until April of next year, in the interim, the company will take advantage of the opportunities created by the new hires to offer additional schedule flexibility to incumbent Flight Attendants through Special COLAs until April 2022.

As a consequence of the new hire plans, system transfers have been awarded over the course of the past several weeks to ensure transfers are awarded to incumbent Flight Attendants prior to the assignment of new hires at any base location. 

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