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Masks Are Still a Federal Mandate

Date: October 5, 2021

Our chosen career as aviation’s First Responders has evolved over the years. What initially began as a job focused on service, has grown into a career balancing rigorous safety requirements with customer service, always keeping safety and compliance at the forefront.

The COVID-19 pandemic once again changed our roles on board the aircraft. With the implementation of this Federal mandate, requiring masks to be worn properly on the aircraft by passengers, we became responsible for another step in maintaining the safety of our aircraft, mask compliance.

We know the challenges the Federal mask mandate has posed for working crew. If we have not personally experienced a passenger unwilling or begrudgingly wearing their required facemask, we know someone who has. We have also seen first-hand our colleagues at other airlines face head on incidents of passenger rage related to mask requirements, despite the challenges, we need to continue in working together to promote mask compliance.

By collaborating with all members of your crew to address mask compliance issues, this ensures the importance in compliance with this Federal mandate. When it becomes necessary, file an IOR on your link. Remember, everyone on the crew should file an IOR even if they were not directly involved in an incident.

This pandemic is far from over and it is up to each of us to follow this Federal mandate and work to minimize the spread of COVID-19 protecting our industry and our careers. 

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