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First-Round Vacation Awards Released Today

Date: November 2, 2021

First-round vacation awards have been released and are available to view from the Vacation tab in CCS. 

The first-round awards have created a different dynamic this year compared to previous awards.  In monitoring the vacation award, it appears as though there are a few factors that came into play that caused an unanticipated shift in the award results:

  • Many Flight Attendants did not bid to cover themselves
  • Many transferring Flight Attendants may not have been aware of the allocations at the base they will be flying out of in January

Flight Attendant’s in all these situations, because they submitted a bid that was not able to be awarded, were treated as if an insufficient bidder in round one.

Our Contract provides in an insufficient bid situation, vacation will be awarded after all vacation bids have been processed starting from the back of the year moving forward. 

Given the number of Flight Attendants who were awarded vacations due to an insufficient bid, it is highly likely there will be few, if any, additional allocations in November or December.  These likely reduced allocations somewhat in September and October.  Given that July and August allocations are usually the first to go, the balance of the remaining days available will likely result in many second-round vacations being awarded during the period from January through April.   We have not yet seen the second-round vacation allocations but those are expected to be released closer to the end of this week.

As always, we strongly encourage you to read the information we provide ahead of time, in this case, our Vacation microsite, to make good decisions and we strongly recommend that you bid to cover yourself in the final round of vacation bidding.

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