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Flight Attendant Fatigue Report (FAFR) Tool

Date: November 5, 2021

With hundreds of reports submitted to date, the launch of the Flight Attendant Fatigue Reporting Tool has been remarkably successful.

Working in collaboration with management, this program uses a comprehensive approach in managing fatigue to promote the safety of Flight Attendants and the Flight Attendant Fatigue Report (FAFR) Tool is a confidential reporting mechanism that allows Flight Attendants to proactively identify and report instances of fatigue and ask questions.  It is part of the larger Flight Attendant Risk Management Program (FA-FRMP), on which we recently reported.

Getting adequate rest is the first and most critical step to avoiding fatigue.  If circumstances beyond your control prevent this rest, especially if while on duty or on layover, you should report them.  Additionally, should you experience fatigue after working certain pairings that mix circadian rhythms, report these in order to improve the overall quality of work-life and avoidance of fatigue.

Paying attention to how you are feeling, and of equal importance, reporting circumstances that lead to Flight Attendant fatigue is the focus of this new program.

Please continue to report your concerns through the Flight Attendant Fatigue Risk Management Program (FA-FRMP).  Also, the company has created a new option via https://asap.ual.com.

For more information, please contact your Local Council Office.

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