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Group Universal Life (GUL) Auto Enrollment

Date: November 12, 2021

Group Universal Life Insurance (GUL) is the voluntary life insurance product for all Flight Attendants negotiated by AFA and agreed to by the company for the benefit of Flight Attendants.

For Flight Attendants returning from Leaves of Absence (LOA), including those returning from Special COLAs, auto-enrollment in Group Universal Life Coverage (GUL), administered by Securian, will occur for those who did not elect to maintain coverage while on Leave or who had not previously elected this coverage. These individuals will be enrolled in Group Universal Life Coverage under the same conditions as a new hire Flight Attendant. With no requirement to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI), Flight Attendants are automatically provided coverage at four (4) times their annual salary and $30,000 coverage for a spouse/domestic partner.

Additionally, if the Flight Attendant reduced her/his coverage below the default coverage limits, the auto-enrollment feature will “bump up” the coverage back up to four times the annual salary for the employee and $30,000 for the spouse or domestic partner. It is important that everyone understand, the coverage is automatic unless you act to decline the coverage during the first 45 days following your return to work.

Auto-enrollment will happen upon every return from leave regardless of previous adjustments or cancellations. If you wish to amend your enrollment/ coverage, contact Securian at 1-866-887-1043

Note: There is no refund for premiums paid until the cancellation of coverage is processed and a cancellation certificate, signed by the Flight Attendant, is returned, and received by Securian.  This must be completed during the 45-day window following return to duty.  You can obtain the cancellation certificate by contacting Securian directly.

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