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Trading Vacations

Date: November 19, 2021

The Second Round 2022 Vacation awards are now available in CCS. Beginning November 24th, the vacation trading period starts. Flight Attendants will have the ability to trade days based on different criteria.

Flight Attendants can modify awarded vacation periods using the following options:

  • Open Time Trades by Seniority
  • Instant Trades with Open Time
  • Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant Trades
  • Fly Through (Non-Operational & Operational)
  • Vacation Slides (Operational) 

Open Time Trades by Seniority: After the annual vacation award, all available vacation days remaining will be published and the Open Time Trades by Seniority trade window will open on November 24th at 0800 (HDT) and will close on November 30th at 8:00 (HDT).

To submit a trade request, from the myVacation page in the “Scheduled Vacation” section, select the drop-down arrow to expand the period that you want to trade. Select “OT Trade by Sen” to display the “Open Time Trade by Seniority” page. The “OT Trade by Sen” option is only visible while the trading window for Open Time by Seniority is open.

The “Open Time Trade by Seniority” page will allow you to make your selections. The chart on the following page explains all of the fields in the “To Trade Away” section. After entering your options, select “Save Request” to continue working on the request and submit it at a later time. The message “Request Saved Successfully” will display at the top of the page to confirm that your choices were saved. Once you are ready to submit the request, select “Submit Request.” Remember, just selecting “Save Request” does not submit your trade request. 

We encourage Flight Attendants to visit our Vacation Bidding microsite to review the procedures for trading vacation days prior to the opening date to ensure they are able to accurately complete any desired trades. 

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