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Working Crew Members & Thanksgiving Holiday Buddy Pass Travelers

Date: November 19, 2021

As we approach the upcoming holidays, we have recently started to receive some questions about the use of the “traveling with working crew” option in employeeRes™.

Under United’s Working Crewmember Pass Rider Policy, Flight Attendants and Pilots may accompany their eligible pass riders (enrolled friends, children, and parents) for boarding priority purposes on all flights where they are a working crewmember.

A working crewmember may not accompany buddy pass riders, which includes adult children using buddy ePasses, extended family buddies, and regular buddies except when specified by the company.  (Typically, this occurs around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.)


As announced by the company, during the Thanksgiving holiday, United Flight Attendants who are working crew members will again be able to travel with up to two individuals using buddy passes at the crew member’s personal boarding priority of SA1P.


In order to take advantage of this boarding priority for buddies who are traveling with crew members, when listing through employeeRES, employees must check the box labeled “traveling with working crew” to ensure buddy pass travel plans are booked at the correct boarding priority.


Working crew members must notify the CSR in person when a buddy accompanies them in the city where the buddy is to be boarded and at the connecting city where there is an aircraft change. If seats are not available or the buddy pass riders are not senior enough to be boarded in available seats, they will travel at the unaccompanied buddy pass classification (SA4P for adult buddy children, SA6F for extended family buddy or SA7U for regular buddy). The boarding priority must be changed prior to moving to the next scheduled flight.


If you have questions, contact the Employee Travel Center through Help Hub and track the progress of your request.

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