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AFA Debrief: November 23, 2021

Date: November 23, 2021

Questions About Dues Statements

As we reported last week, our AFA International Membership Department sent dues statements to the Membership in our ongoing effort to reconcile the Membership information. This ongoing work is being done for all of the air carriers represented by AFA. Our Staff at our Membership office is working diligently to address the inquiries that are coming in from all of these carriers and to ensure questions are fully answered.  All of these inquiries are being responded to by our dedicated staff in the order they are received. Contrary to popular belief, not everything you may read on social media is truthful. While there are some legitimate questions about the dues statements that have been generated, the vast majority of these statements are accurate. In an effort to assist in getting these inquiries responded to, we offer the following items intended to assist in finding answers to some of the predominant questions that are being received.

We know that there are many questions arising as a result of the issuance of these statements and many of these questions are explainable.

First, be assured that one inquiry, while perhaps affected by a delayed response, is all that is necessary. Submitting multiple inquiries only further complicates the process and delays our staff in getting you a timely response to your inquiry.

Secondly, it is possible for you to do some of the research in advance of calling. Keep in mind, dues are collected from the wages you earn in a given month. For example, we receive our August wages in September. Your August dues deduction should appear on your mid-September pay advice, that is, deducted from your August wages.  Dues are collected as we are paid, one month in arrears.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, the number one question is a result of our collective success with the payment of PSP dollars in December 2020 and January 2021. As a result of these PSP supported wage payments, anyone on a Leave of Absence had the leave interrupted.  Under the AFA Constitution, when you receive wages from your airline, this results in a restart of the dues obligation, even if you remained on Leave of Absence beyond January 2021 and never actually returned to flight status.

If, after completing that research, questions still remain, you may reach out to our Membership Services Department by telephone (844-232-2228) or via our Membership Office dues question site at afacwa.org/dues questions.

Senior Option Applies when Picking up Domestic Purser Position

Based on some questions we’ve received in our offices, we understand there is some confusion on filling an open domestic purser position, the ‘A’ position, when it has been picked up from open time. When a Flight Attendant, either a Reserve on days off or a lineholder, picks up a Domestic Purser position from open time, the position is considered “open”. At briefing, a more senior Flight Attendant may, at their option, senior opt the Flight Attendant who picked up the pairing.

This provision applies only in the case of the Domestic Purser position. All other positions that have been picked up by a lienholder or by a Reserve Flight Attendant on days off are not subject to the seniority option and may be traded when mutually agreed upon.

As a reminder when trading positions, time permitting, Flight Attendants should contact the Crew Desk to update the pairing to ensure the application of any applicable pay components associated with the position.

Vacation Team Out of Contact for U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday

As a reminder, the Vacation Team assisting with questions about the 2022 Vacation trading and awards will be unavailable November 25 and 26 in observance of the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday. The office of the Vacation Team will re-open on Monday, November 29th. Vacation Team hours are Monday – Friday 0830 – 1630 CT through December 10, 2021.

Vacation Team Contact:

United States 1-800-FLT-LINE (Option 4, 9, 1)

London 0800-89-6516

The Return of Milestone Anniversaries

This past week, United management announced a revised version of the Milestone Anniversaries Program. Paused in early 2020 as a way to contain costs and to minimize the impact of the pandemic, the updated program will recognize anniversaries in ten (10) year increments.   Flight Attendants who celebrated their 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th anniversary between June of 2020 and now will receive wing shaped pins.  These pins will have stones to mark their years as Safety Professionals in the sky. Visit the Employee Services Recognition Site on Flying Together for additional information.

Volunteer Boarding

Information has been circulating that off-duty Flight Attendants have been “volunteering” and/or are being asked by supervisors or station personnel to “volunteer” to board aircraft before the assigned Flight Attendant(s) arrives at the gate. 

Flight Attendants who are not on duty, should not be completing any pre-departure duties, which include boarding. Management must follow the Order of Assignment process and volunteering Flight Attendants should not be a solution to inadequate staffing and schedule planning on the part of management.  In addition, anyone doing such work must be legal and we must ensure that doing so does not compromise the Flight Attendant’s legality for any future assignment.

We all must do what we can to defend our Contract. This is working Flight Attendant work. In short don’t volunteer. If you have any questions, please contact your Local Council.

Base Transfers Awarded and Effective for January Bid Month

Yesterday United awarded transfer to the following domiciles:



















When accepting or declining your awarded transfer please remember to take a screen shot or photo of the decision for your records. Keep in mind, a Flight Attendant who declines the opportunity to transfer in accordance with a bid on file shall not file another bid for a period of three (3) months from the date of declining to transfer.

It should be noted, vacations for transferring flight attendants will follow them to their newly awarded bases. Once Flight Attendants accept their transfer, any vacation trades will occur based on the new base and vacation trades between Flight Attendants will be restricted to those at the new base location.

If you have questions about the transfer process, please reach out to your Local Council for assistance and direction.

Reminders & Dates

NOV 25 – U.S. Holiday – Thanksgiving

NOV 30 – Link/Sled Recovery Protection Plans Closes
NOV 30 – Vacation Trades by Seniority
DEC 05 – Instant Vacation Trading Opens


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