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Happy Thanksgiving

Date: November 25, 2021

It’s that time of year where the change in season delivers a crisp change in air temperature while the trees around us produce vibrant colors of gold and bronze as they prepare to shed their leaves in anticipation of the arrival of winter.  As we gather in the comfort of our homes with our friends and family to celebrate the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, our minds naturally turn to thoughts of family and gratitude.

This year, as was the case last year, things will be different.  Whereas last year at this time, many of us did not enjoy the family traditions that accompany gathering with our extended families, this year there are indications that things may be different yet again.   As families travel to spend the holiday together, we experience the hustle and bustle of full flights and share in the feelings of anticipation of these events, all of which will be shaped by the ever changing need to adapt to the crowds around us in order to remain safe and healthy.  Through the challenges, we remain present in the spirit of gratitude, the hallmark of this holiday.

And, there is much to be grateful for: a measured approach in returning to a new sense of “normal”, the ability to again see family at gatherings and an industry that has not only stabilized, but is well into recovery sooner than might otherwise have been predicted. We are grateful for the resumption of service to many international locations and anticipated new destinations as United approaches the new year with a robust and positive outlook for our future.  Most importantly, we are grateful for the return of our flying partners to the line and for our daily interactions with each other.  

Thanksgiving is a time where we observe tradition.   The past two years have been filled with so much change, much beyond our control, and the absence of the traditions on which we have relied to create the familiar holiday environments has occurred perhaps without us realizing it.  Each family has their own unique way of celebrating, and how they give thanks for the richness in their lives. This year, as we plan to observe this season of gratitude observing our family traditions, we will forge forward creating new memories as we make the holiday uniquely our own.

As we work to observe traditions while building new memories unique to this year that we trust will become part of our family tradition, one thing remains constant – our support and care for one another. Adversity creates new challenges for all of us.  Through these challenges we come to appreciate the good in each of our lives and in each other.  We remain together and stronger than ever as a result of the challenges and the support we provide each other. 

As we herald in this holiday season, we reflect on the traditions of our past while we prepare for what we expect to be a bright future celebrated one holiday at time.   Today, our hearts are filled with gratitude as the season fills us with the spirit of family and tradition.

Whether enjoying time off with family or flying and safeguarding our passengers as they travel to join their loved ones, today we have a shared sense of gratitude for each other and the unique contributions each of us makes every day.

On behalf of the entire Master Executive Council and our many Flight Attendant volunteers, we wish you and yours a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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