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2022 Benefits – Certify Non-Smoker Wellness Credit & Avoid Spousal Surcharge

Date: December 7, 2021

We remind anyone who did not make a benefits election during this year’s annual open enrollment period that there was a requirement for everyone to certify for the non-smoker wellness credit and to avoid the spousal (domestic partner) benefits surcharge. If you did not elect benefits or certify for the wellness credit or to avoid the surcharge, it must be understood that the wellness credit will cease and, if married or having a domestic partner, the spousal surcharge will be automatically applied.  In addition to the rate increases that applied for 2022 benefits, this will substantially increase the cost of your benefits.

The good news – you still have time to ensure the wellness credit is applied and to avoid the application of the spousal surcharge. To do so, sign into the company’s website and access YBR (Your Benefits Resource). Once on the YBR page, select the blue “Make Changes” button. You are not required to make changes to any of your benefits, but you must certify for the non-smoker wellness credit as well as to avoid the spousal surcharge.

In order to avoid an impact to your first paycheck of the new year, we make a very strong recommendation that you make these changes as far in advance of December 14, 2021, as possible. After that deadline, it is likely you will experience an increase in your health and welfare premiums after the new year and it will take some time correct this going forward.

These changes can easily be made on the YBR website using the automation in place.  However, if you have additional questions, contact United’s Benefits Service Center.

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