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Reserve Vacation and Sacred Days

Date: December 17, 2021

We all know the importance of schedule flexibility and our ability to bid and trade for a schedule to meet our individual needs. When it comes to Reserve, we have all seen how the changes to the Reserve pool numbers have affected the very flexibility we rely upon to meet our personal needs. It is important to stress that understanding all of the provisions available to use under our contract enables us to exercise some level of control of our schedule and this is especially true when it comes to the time off associated with Vacation awards.

Section 12.C.4. establishes that the days off preceding and following a scheduled vacation period, as shown in a Flight Attendant’s schedule shall be considered as part of that vacation period, if she/he so desires.

Flight Attendants seeking to maximize time off in their awarded vacation months do have provisions in our Contract to prevent being assigned into their days off that touch their Vacation block, unless mutually agreed upon. Your time off and your flexibility are important. Taking initiative-taking steps when bidding can play an important role in getting the most out of our Contract.

It is also important to understand how sacred days apply to a Reserve who is moved up into a line of flying.  When Reserve Move-up lines are built, vacation and any protected days designated by the Flight Attendant will be placed in the line. Trips will be filled in to complete the line. It is important to understand that any days off preceding or following the vacation days that were in the original Reserve line and that might have been considered sacred as part of the Reserve schedule, are not considered sacred days for the purpose of building the Reserve Move-up line. 

However, once the Reserve Move-up line is completed, any days off in the completed Reserve Move-up line preceding or following the vacation are then considered as sacred days.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Reserve Committee.

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