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Uniform Update, Manufacturing Issues and Delays

Date: December 21, 2021

As many of you are aware the pandemic brought a halt to the rollout of the new uniform program. As a result, our existing contract with Cintas as our inflight uniform provider was extended until such time as it becomes financially responsible to resume production on the new line.

We have seen across the country and around the world how manufacturing delays have affected product availability. Cintas is experiencing the same issues while working to provide uniforms during the pandemic.

We know that issues persist, from low or no stock availability to extreme delays on replacement pieces and shipping, it is frustrating to all of us. We also know there have been concerns about fabric changes and their comfort/ wearability throughout the course of our workday. Your AFA Uniform Committee continues to work with the company to find solutions to emerging issues regarding uniforms. While some things will take time to overcome in the manufacturing process your reports on uniform-related matters will help us to monitor progress and advocate for improvements.

If you are experiencing issues with uniforms, please contact your Local Uniform Committee.

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