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Unruly Passengers to Lose Access to TSA Precheck®

Date: December 21, 2021

It was announced today, under a new partnership between the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration, that unruly passengers may face additional consequences for bad behavior.

Under this new partnership, the FAA will share information of passengers facing fines for unruly behavior with the TSA who may remove the passenger from the privilege of TSA PreCheck® screening eligibility. 

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson says it succinctly, “If you act out of line, you will wait in line.”

In addition, the TSA will share information to help the FAA identify and locate unruly passengers in order to serve them with penalty notices.  And, while this interdepartmental information sharing will occur to protect the traveling public, there are also robust provisions to protect passengers’ privacy and personal information.

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